「Halo」の共同創設者、Marcus Lehto氏がRidgeline GamesとEAを離れる

Ridgeline Gamesのディレクターが退任


Battlefield Developer Loses Creator of Master Chief

🎮 Hey gamers, have you heard the latest news in the gaming industry? Marcus Lehto, the legendary co-creator of the original Halo game, has officially left Ridgeline Games and Electronic Arts (EA). 🚶‍♂️

Lehto, who served as Ridgeline’s game director in charge of creating new experiences for the Battlefield series, recently updated his social media profiles, and there’s no mention of his association with Ridgeline Games. Instead, he proudly references his work as the co-creator of Halo and the creator of Disintegration. 🎉

But wait, is there more to this story? 🤔 Neither Lehto nor EA have made any statements regarding his departure, so we’re left wondering whether he made the decision voluntarily or if there were layoffs involved. However, a recent Twitter post by Lehto, showing him and his team out for lunch, hints at an abrupt exit. 🍔

Lehto’s journey with Electronic Arts began in 2021 after the release of Battlefield 2042, which unfortunately didn’t receive the warmest reception from fans and critics alike. 😔

Now, let’s talk about Ridgeline Games. This studio was founded with the mission of building immersive single-player campaigns within the vast Battlefield universe. Exciting, right? 🌍 But don’t worry, even with Lehto’s departure, EA assures us that the next Battlefield will be a “reimagination.” They’re keeping us on our toes! Additionally, another Battlefield studio, Ripple Effect, is also working on an “entirely new Battlefield experience,” while DICE is cooking up a multiplayer extravaganza. 🎇🎮

Now, let’s shift gears a little. Since we’re talking about Battlefield, how about we rank the best Battlefield games of all time? 💥

Best Battlefield Games, Ranked: Where Does Battlefield 2042 Place?

  1. 🥇 Battlefield 2: With mammoth maps, intense gameplay, and an addictive multiplayer mode, Battlefield 2 rightfully captures the top spot. It’s a timeless classic.

  2. 🥈 Battlefield: Bad Company 2: This gem delivers thrilling single-player missions and nails the multiplayer experience with its signature destructible environments. Ka-boom!

  3. 🥉 Battlefield 3: It’s all about the variety in Battlefield 3. From intense infantry combat to epic vehicle warfare, this game truly has it all.

  4. Battlefield 4: A fantastic follow-up to Battlefield 3, this installment introduced “levolution,” bringing dynamic map changes to the battlefield. Who doesn’t love a collapsing skyscraper?

  5. Battlefield 1942: We must pay homage to the game that started it all. Battlefield 1942 introduced the world to large-scale multiplayer battles and set the stage for future titles.

  6. Battlefield 1: Stepping back in time to World War I, Battlefield 1 offers a gripping and emotional single-player campaign, not to mention its immersive multiplayer battles.

  7. Battlefield: Bad Company: The game that gave us “B Company,” an irreverent squad of soldiers that brought humor and personality to the Battlefield series. They’re definitely worth some laughs.

There you have it, soldiers! The best Battlefield games ranked for your enjoyment. Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments! 💬

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